Nantucket Fanback Armchair

This clean Nantucket Fan-back armchair made with age old traditional wood working techniques using hand riven parts and a hand carved seat for comfort.
This chair makes a statement at any dinning room table. This ample chair features an elegant architecture that's characterized by a mortised tailpiece that supports the brace spindles. The design was a result of a close study of a chair in the Yale University Art Gallery Collection. The brace is designed to support the back so the wooden spindles do not warp.

Fan Back Windsor Side Chair

The Fan back Windsor Side chair will complete your dinning room. Using the 1800's style joinery and technique, this chair is built to last a lifetime plus some. The elegance of the spindles, legs and stretcher's keep the chairs slender look appealing. With the wedged mechanical joint holding the legs and Spindles to the seat there is no need for glue or fasteners of any sort. Although glue is added to the joint to ensure its longevity. The Comfort and look of this chair will satisfy all aspects your dinning room set.

Continuous Arm Chair

This Continuous Windsor arm chair is an American classic. Production started on these chairs as early as 1790's. These beautiful iconic chairs are a great addition to any house hold. With the ruggedness of the Windsor and the elegance of the curved continuous back this chair takes hearts and breath's away at first sight.

Barred Cabinet

Beautiful Cherry Barred cabinet is the center piece of any room. This piece catches your eye from the moment you see it.