About Us

Our Business

Hancock Forest Products is here to offer a unique set of skills and services that have been developed over the years from the passion of a man named David Hancock JR.

We offer service that range from logging, custom sawing of logs and custom furniture.

We can harvest logs from your land and saw them into lumber that can be used to build one of a kind beautifully hand crafted heirloom furniture that will be passed down generation to generation.

About David

David Hancock Jr is a highly motivated young man who has a passion for wood. Since he was a boy he has always been building things in his ever evolving wood shop. His passion for building led him into the woods to understand harvesting of trees so he could become a better woodworker. He has 17 years of experience in the woods harvesting timber and learning about trees. This has been one of his best assets because he can lean how to read logs that will produce highest quality lumber that he can then use to produce hand crafted heirlooms. David has been trained at North Bennett Street School in traditional hand skills. He Graduated in January 2010. He continues to work with the school to provide lumber and support.  His passion for making high quality lumber at affordable price is one of his driving factors. He is currently building a new shop and a network of lumber and furniture makers to share knowledge with.

About Kenny

Kenny Bond is a very passionate young man who shares his passion for wood and working with David. Kenny has devoted his life to wood working. He met David at a local lumber yard many years ago and immediately hit off and started working with him. Kenny has two passions which are high quality lumber (he is know to work with all one piece boards) and hand tools. His eye for detail is next to none. He has helped expand our network of knowledge and is always up for a ride to go buy logs.

About Lucas

Lucas Conroy is a highly motivated young man who shares the same passion for wood as David. He has currently joined the team after 8 years serving the country. He is currently training under David and learning fast. Lucas has a very good eye for quality work and how to please the customer.