Chainsaw Carving


Chainsaw carving – 5 foot bear side view


Chainsaw carving – detailed claws


Unfinished Chainsaw Carved Bear.

Custom chainsaw Carving

We are able to customize signs to meet your desire. As featured below a 40 year sign was made for a couples 40th wedding anniversary.

 Signs can be rough edged or straight depending on your preference.


Staining chainsaw carved bear – 3 foot tall adding oil based black stain to this bear. His bear paws are up to hold sign.

 Ideas for your custom sign include but are not limited to:

 * Welcome

* Seasons greetings

* Merry Christmas

* Happy Holidays

* Names

* House numbers

* Street names

Most carvings are $125 per foot!

Most signs $25 – $50 per sign!