Logging & Tree Work

  • We offer full range of forestry services. We can selectively cut property clear cut or work with a forester.
    We offer best low impact serves and are responsible for selling your wood based on a percentage so we shop around to make you more money because in the end we get more too.
    We don’t offer lump sums or your timber because the landowner always gets shorted. WE PAY PERCENTAGE ON THE MILL SLIPS. this enables the land owner to get top dollar for their wood.
    All our cutting is done by hand and skidded or forwarded out. We have smaller machines to do a clean and neater job, with less impact on the remaining trees.

Hickory and elm

Harvesting a white pine tree to be saw in to Windsor seat blanks and secondary wood. This tree would have been firewood because it is a yard tree (no saw mill or log yard will buy these trees due to the cost in removing them and the chance they will contain foreign material)  instead it is being used to build furniture that will last generations.


Tree Climbing to ensure a Safe removal of the Tree!


Ash used in chair making